14th Northwest Chapter USA Medical/Surgical/Dental Mission
by Cosme Santiago, UPF '66


The Beta Sigma Northwest USA Chapter based in Seattle has been organized with the end of of helping communities through health care as well as to help Brods worthy of Scholarship grants ($1,000 per year).

Since October 15, 2005 (12 years) when I started the Mission, the following localities have been served through Northwest USA Chapter : Laoag, Ilocos Norte; Cauayan, Isabela; Echague, Isabela; Puerto Princesa, Palawan; San Fernando, La Union; Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija; Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija; Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija; Ilagan, Lanao del Norte; Angadanan, Isabela; San Vicente, Ilocos Sur; NVSU Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya; and Odiongan, Romblon. Total number served thus far has exceeded 22,000 patients in all 14 localities.

Each Mission has been costing between $8,000 and $10,000. The Northwest USA Chapter had been shelling out $2,000 every other year. This means that as the Planner-Coordinator for these Missions, I had to raise the rest of the amount from fundraising activities and various other sources.


Welcome for Volunteers.


Welcome Party for Volunteers hosted by Mayor Trina Firmalo Fabic.


The Main Coordinator and Planner of All 14 Medical Missions of Northwest USA Chapter,

 Cosme Santiago, assisting patients at Odiongan, Romblon.


In this latest event, the Chapter held the 14th Surgical Dental and Medical Mission at Tablas Island at Odiongan, Romblon from February 2 to 5, 2017, with approximately 2,000 patients treated/served during the period. Criteria for selection of this venue were: (a) Sponsorship of hotel and accomodation of around 60 Volunteers for the duration of the Mission; (b) Presence of Beta Sigma Chapter or Alumni close to the venue; (c) Northwest Chapter’s ability to provide medicines, medical and dental manpower; and (d) The Chapter’s ability to provide the needed medical, surgical and dental supplies.

This year, this particular Mission was unique because our doctors performed major surgeries in addition to minor surgeries. Additionally, diagnostics, dental extraction, optometry and diabetic tests were also performed.

Medical procedures and treatments were performed on more than 2,000 patients, as follows:

Major Surgery. 24 Cases: Hysterectomy - 7; Hernia - 13; Cholecystectomy - 4.

Minor Surgery. 42 Cases: Breast Mass, Sebaceous Cyst, Lipoma, Inclusion Cyst, Circumcision.

Out Patient. 1,964. This included: Diagnostics, Dental Extraction, Optometry and Diabetic Tests.

Brod Governor Dr. Ed Firmalo of UERMMC, Mayor Trina Firmalo Fabic, and the Harders and Elizaga family provided the food and accommodation of 65 Volunteers. Other Sponsors of this Mission include FAPWA (Filipino American Physicians of Washington), Beta Sigma-Romblon State University, Batangas Assembly, NorCal Chapter, LGU Romblon, and Romblon Provincial Hospital.


Governor Ed Firmalo UERM ’74 at second night dinner at Romblon proposing a toast to all Beta Sigmans.



Left: GP of Northwest Chapter Dr. Nick Panlasigui in action.

Right: Brod Governor Dr. Ed Firmalo had his blood pressure checked by

Sis Elsie Fuertes, Resident Nurse currently working in London, England.


Brod Dr. Rolly Mupas of Seattle assisted by Sis Dr. Rhaizza Viray Enriquez performing

 major operation at Romblon Medical Mission of Beta Sigma Northwest USA Chapter. Cheers!


Part of the 2,000 patients served.



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