Carl Zabat, the "ICE Man", Retires

by Carl Zabat


From: Carl Zabat <>
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2017 9:34 PM
To: Norman Bituin
Subject: News Article Contribution

Brod Norman,

Greetings from Denver, brod! Kamusta na kayong lahat diyan? Hope all is well with the family and the frat, even though sunod-sunod ang mga brods na sumasalangit. Anyway brod, just wanted to share some good news with the frat, for a change. Nag-retire na rin ako sa wakas after almost 27 years of military and federal civilian service, and I've attached pertinent photos and a write-up of my official bios for your possible use. Ngayong retired na ako, hopefully ay may horas na ako to get back into deep involvement with the frat, after a 20-year hiatus! Sige brod, salamat na lang and Cheerz!


 PS: I'll send a few other photos in a different e-mail.


Carl, UPD'83




Highlights of Carl Zabat, DVM:  

-- Born March 1966 in California, USA.

-- UP High School Batch 82, high school batchmate of Brod Arbel Liwag, Beta Sigma 83-D Parthenon (who died a week after final initiation due to medical kidney complications).
-- UP Beta Sigma Batch 83-E The Olympian (Lone Batch).

-- Voluntarily joined the frat (NOT recruited) after researching and determining that "There is only one fraternity, the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity".
-- Resident Vice GP at Diliman from 87-88.
-- One of the 7 resident brods left from June 1987 to March 1988, who prevented the frat from "dying".* "The "Magnificent 7" were recognized and given an award by UPBSF Central in July 2015.

*Web note: to read this saga go to Memoirs & Reminiscences>Diamonds in the Rough by Raffy Hidalgo, or simply click here.
-- UP Vet Med Class of 1988, (last class to graduate in Diliman prior to Vet Med moving to UPLB).

-- US Army from April 1989 to August 1991.

-- Joined UP Beta Sigma So Cal Chapter in Aug 1991 and was Wielder of the Sword in 92-94 (when Norman Bituin was GP).
-- US Immigration from Sept 1992 to January 2017.
-- Married to Merci Fuentes (2nd cousin of Mayette Arceo), Summa Cum Laude, UST Accounting Class of 1990, 12th Place in Phil Board Exams. Merci is currently a stay home mom.
-- Have one son, Richard Noel Mario, born on Christmas Day, December 25, 2000, in Anchorage, AK. He is currently a sophomore at Chrokee Trail High School, where he ranks #10 academically in a class of 740 10th graders.
-- Carl's hobbies include watching TV shows and reading books relating to history, military history, crime, and sports......watching movies with his son, building military models and dioramas, and hanging out with his family.
-- Retirement plans are to relax and get back into shape and try to pursue my hobbies as much as all the "honey do's" will allow!

-- Click to open--> Carl Zabat, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) AFOD Biodata.



U.S. Army 19-Delta Cavalry, 2nd Armored Division, Operation Desert Storm, 1989





U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement, 1992-2017 








Civilian life

Mount Rushmore, Black Hills, South Dakota, July 2011



With my family - wife Merci and son Richard, picture taken last year



With the UP SoCal brods on my visit to LA, April 2016



From: Carl Zabat <>
Sent: Thursday, February 2, 2017 9:26 AM
To: Norman Bituin
Subject: Re: UPBSI-International website updates 2/02/2017


Looks perfect brod! Salamat ulit! Cheerz! I found the one and only picture I have when I was a resident in 1985, attached. Ako yung nasa harap na harap.


Not sure of the exact date in 1985, and the location I believe is at brods Jamesy/Jicky Evangelista's driveway.


Clockwise starting with me, the brods are as follows. All are UPD except if noted otherwise.
-- Alan Liquigan 84A
-- Nonoy Tagaro UPLB 77
-- Noe Espino 84C (deceased)
-- 3 unknowns (cannot see faces)
-- Dr. Noneng Monroy 83D
-- Richie Agbulos 78A
-- Gilbert "Bitoy" Sison 80B
-- Dr. Dave Bacungan 77C
-- unknown brod
-- Nilo Espino UPLB 79 (UPD GP 1986-1987)
-- Renzi Del Rosario 84C





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