UP SoCal Goes Camping at Lake Dixon

by Aman Carolino

[Photos by Ed Rivera]


On the way to the camp site, there was a super downpour of rain along I-15, about 30 minutes away from Lake Dixon, Escondido, CA. I thought to myself – “Uh oh! There goes our picnic/camping”. Luckily, the downpour stopped after less than an hour. It turned out that the rain did more good than harm, as the temperature went down at least 15 degrees in the picnic/camping area (the forecast for that day was 97 degrees F). Upon arrival at the picnic site, the food was already set – pancit bihon, Bicol express, lechon kawali, kilawing baka, John’s ginataang labong and a variety of fruits for desserts. An hour later, the super-sarap na pinapaitan na beef arrived. The park offered boat rentals and fishing for the campers.

Around 3pm, the brods and families transferred to the campsite,  about 300 feet away from the picnic area. Tents were set up, as well as tarps to cover the dining area. Arroz caldo was prepared, complete with tokwa’t baboy, roasted garlic and onion greens. Aside from the overflowing foods, ice-cold cases of beers and wine were also served, as alcoholic beverages were not allowed in the picnic area.  And of course, the kwentuhan from college days and beyond was the main menu during the ‘happy hour’, which lasted until 1am. Everybody went to sleep ‘buzzed’ and happy.

                                     Seated:    Ed Rivera, Maeng Ramirez, Aman Carolino, Johnny Singh and Roy Antonio.

                                     Standing: Jun Samaniego, Gil Alona and Jack Jacala.




l-r: Roy & Dinah, Beth Carolino, Zeni Rivera, Daisy Alcantara and Andrea Samaniego.











The following morning – fresh breakfast was served – daing na bangus, adobo, longaniza, red eggs & tomatoes, Starbucks coffee and hot dogs.

On the way home right after brunch, some brods and partners dropped by the casino in Pechanga while the others were still sober to play golf in the nearby golf course.

It was indeed a very happy and great weekend, and we can’t wait to go camping again next year.

Andrea & Jun Samaniego cooking breakfast with Johnny


Mayette & Edsel Arceo, and at right is Hernan Tabamo's eldest son


l-r: Maeng Ramirez, Hernan Tabamo, Gil Alona and Jun Valenzuela.


Cheers to the Happy Campers!!

                                    l-r: Jun Samaniego, Roy & Dinah Antonio, Tina & Art Martin, Beth & Aman Carolino, Iou & Jun Valenzuela, 

                                Johnny Singh, Daisy Alcantara (seated), Gil Alona, Mark Valenzuela, Maeng Ramirez and Edsel Arceo.


Thank you Brods/wives/partners for making the outing an enjoyable one inspite of the rain. Special thanks to Maeng Ramirez and San Diego Brods/wivespartners for all the help. Brod Maeng's ingenuity saved us from getting wet during the rain. He brought tarps which provided us shelter. Brod Jun Samaniego and Andrea for the langoniza/tinapang bangus and for cooking our breakfast, Brod Gil Alona for his equipment and the arroz caldo. Thanks to Orly Magistrado for designing the Malmon Camper t-shirt, Jack Jacala for the cheese roll pastries, and last but not least John Singh and Daisy Alcantara for all the food especially the papaitan which John and Maeng picked up all the way to Temecula.


Zeni & Ed Rivera




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