Tetada Grand Masters Visit California

by Norman Bituin

[Photos by Dan Galoso and Norm Bituin]


The Tetada Grand Master, Eddy Surohadi, and International President, Ida Surohadi, visited California on Feb.16-25. It was a quick, but I would surmise, for them, a very meaningful and fruitful trip to Los Angeles and Sacramento. Pak Eddy and Ibu Ida, as they are more informally and respectfully called, said that they will be back in May in preparation for the next international gathering, "LATLA 2012", scheduled probably in June or July in Los Angeles. Pak Eddy is an engineer by profession and his lovely wife Ibu Ida is a medical doctor. They have three children: a daughter, who is a medical doctor; a son, who is an economist; and a son, who is a medical student.


The core of Tetada Indonesia which was officially formed in November 1991, and as Pak Eddy and Ibu Ida Tetada have asserted is now the preferred name from Tetada Kalimasada, is the activation of the human body for inner energy development, which can be used for healing. Many brods and their families in the Philippines are active and advanced practitioners.. In fact, it was JC-SOMA Brod Ollie Jumao-as'73, a National Pelatih, who introduced Tetada to the USA brods after he attended the UP Beta Sigma NorCal frat ball in May 2007. Staying with Ike Araneta in Palo Alto and with Norm Bituin in Diamond Bar for a combined four weeks, Ollie was able to impart his knowledge by conducting rigorous Tetada lessons.  In addition, he gave deep nerve therapy and Breuss massage to members of the Betan families.


UP SoCal Tetada training 2007 (day 1) with Brod Ollie Jumao-as from RP (kneeling at center)


The Tetada Los Angeles Chapter is based at the 5th floor of the Indonesian Consulate, close to downtown LA. For those familiar with the city, it is known as the Mid-Wilshire district with address at 3467 Wilshire Blvd. The practice area is huge occupying the fifth floor of the building. Monday-Friday practice is 7:30 pm; Saturday 10:30 am; Sunday 8:30 am (at Santa Monica Beach) and 12 noon at the consulate. There are currently about 50 members.







Practice area at the Indonesian Consulate, Los Angeles, California


Ibu Ida demonstrates to the Aspels


Danny Galoso and I attended two evening sessions with the Los Angeles Chapter. For me, it was a privilege to meet for the first time and practice under the watchful eyes of Pak Eddy and Ibu Ida. On the other hand, it was a happy reunion for Danny who traveled to Palu, Indonesia in 2009 to intensively train for ten days and get his Assistant Pelatih 1 (or Aspel 1, for short) certification and be "connected" by the Tetada Grand Masters. On the first night, Dan and I were given the task of teaching and leading the beginners on the "perdana" jurus or movement. On the second night, along with the regular members, I did the "dasar" and "dasar satu" with Pak Eddy and Ibu Ida providing guidance. According to Danny who was talking to Ibu Ida, I was "connected" by Pak Eddy to "dasar satu".



l-r: NormB, Tetada Grand Master Pak Eddy Surohadi, International President Ibu Ida Surohadi, DanG.


Pak Eddy was an excellent speaker and storyteller. I only wish I could have understood all his funny anecdotes and tales, as the translator in English couldn't quite catch up to his fast-paced delivery. I could see the Indonesian men and ladies cracking up and smiling at everything he was throwing at them. Ibu Ida was constantly giving us information and insights on the discipline. Dan and I assured her that we would do our best to regroup the UP Beta Sigma SoCal practitioners and be ready for "LATLA 2012".


At the end of the session, the Tetada Grand Masters demonstrated some techniques, perfomed a remote healing and "energized" the bottled water that was given to everyone. Potluck food was shared and goodbyes were said as Pak Eddy and Ibu Ida prepared for the long flight back to their home in Surabaya, Indonesia. 




Ibu Ida shows proper technique execution

*To see short video clip, click here>>> Ibu Ida demo (pls. open then come back, will take few mins. to load)




Healing a person in the photo remotely


Energizing the bottled water




Saying goodbyes and best wishes



Dan and Norm join the Tetada Indonesia Los Angeles Chapter group picture - Feb. 23, 2012


See you at "LATLA 2012" in LA!!




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