Iloilo Residents Chapter





Some of the Resident Brods (L-R): Brod Levy Funtilon, Brod Mar Vincent Aranjuez, Brod Kyle Dominic Barnuevo,

 Brod L'Jude Mikkel Cortes, Brod Liandro Sanquilos, Brod Ace Locara and Brod John Vincent Geroy.


Triple date and a chaperone.

With the Alumni Brods (R-L): Noli Santua CPU '81, Brod Neri Perez UPLB '65

 and Ate Dang Buyco, the wife of Brod Anthony Buyco founder of UP Visayas Chapter.


Brod L'Jude Mikkel Cortes and Sis Claudette Posa. The Betan lovebirds.


Brod Roi Lagon and his partner Jiane.


Everyone was envious of Brod Gene Paul and his girlfriend Soon-to-be-doctor Lindsay Baitan,

 with her Med School Uniform straight and fresh from school just to attend the pinning ceremony.


Brod JK Valdehueza and his girlfriend Jezra.

(L-R): Brod L'Jude Mikkel Cortes, Sis Claudette Posa, Sis Camille Villaprudente and Brod John Vincent Geroy.


The Alumni Brods of Iloilo. (L-R): Brod Randy Malayao, Brod Noli Santua, Brod Ulysses Alama (Founding batch

 and the first GP of UP Visayas), Brod Doni Almio, Brod Neri Perez and GP Mark Aaron Tinambunan.


A pose of the resident Brods before the pinning ceremony.


Resident Brods and their partners after the Pinning.


The UP Beta Sigma Fraternity and the UP Sigma Beta Sorority.



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