UP North’s 34th, Simply Euphoric
By: Gabby V. Moraleda 68b upd

The planning sessions began six months ago. A formidable and hard working team led by Gene Samson/Geny Cademas and Ding/Julie Cavestany laid the groundwork for Fratball 2017. Definitely it was strength in numbers -- a Golden State Warriors mantra UP North adheres to. And as such, the chapter mobilized itself and set things into motion -- Memorial Day weekend, May 27-29 @ the Embassy Suites in Milpitas CA.

There is much to share -- tales of service, dedication and sacrifice. Countless man-hours devoted. The outcome speak for itself and of the chapter -- great, wonderful moments to store in our memory bank -- for all times. Here’s why.

Behind the Scenes.

The holiday weekend would not have been possible without the active participation of our lifetime partners who worked tirelessly behind the scenes -- preparing food, making flower arrangements, manned reception tables, entertained out of town guests and on top of these, gave a lively pop dance number during the hospitality night and the Malong (Muslim) dance for the fratball. Their devotion and selflessness are worthy of praise.

There was the Band of Brothers (BoB) who gave much time for practice so that we can enjoy excellent live music, group singing and spontaneously be ourselves -- just like tambayan days.

Our souvenir program layout artist and committee who began tedious work as early as January. It was a labor of love to produce a memorabilia fit for the occasion. The sponsorships and advertisements solicited made it possible for us to underwrite the elegant 3-day event.

The emcees and other committees that did their jobs so well that everything went as planned. Teamwork at its best.

A profound homily to start the hospitality night.

In his insight-filled message, Father Narciso “Pompi” Ponferrada challenged the congregation to ignore the appeal of mundane earthly living, to give oneself and our earthly possessions for Godly work and dedicate our efforts for a purposeful life. “Wala kang madadala ni isang kusing sa pupuntahan mo.” was his resounding reminder. His down to earth, animated message and blessing set the stage for a weekend of fun and meaningful fellowship. In a way, we can say the mood and ambiance -- was Divinely set through him.

Out of area brods and sisters.

Brods and sisters who came from all over the world -- JJ and Gladis Jayme, Tetet Delmendo, Ed “Chax” Baldoria from Manila, Art De Vera from Canada, Bal and Bing Villanueva from Australia, and siyempre from Southern California -- Ago and Eva Romero, Norman and Cherry Bituin, Ding de Guzman, Manny and Virgie del Rosario, Nonoy and Ivy Bautista, Hermie and Doris San Luis, Jackie and Bing Jacala, Buddy and Emma Pongos, Maeng and Jenny Ramirez, Johnny Singh and Daisy Benitez.

Joe Lalas and Gabby Pagador (with mom Edith) performed with the BoB.

It was made extra special with the presence of our sons, daughters and close friends – consistent with who we are -- an extended family group.

An emotion-filled message from JJ Jayme.

In 2016 JJ did the unthinkable and unimaginable when he left the comfort of his corporate office, enrolled in Padre Faura and submitted himself to current recruitment protocols and underwent what was needed to become a full-fledged Beta Sigman – memorizing the credo, attending indoctrinations to learn of our colorful history and stories of legends including legendary acts handed down from one Betan generation to another -- instituted and put in place, from the start, by his brod, father and our founder Jesus Jayme, 70 years ago.

What he did was more than a tradition he must fulfill but a commitment he made to himself out of his love and affection for his father. Like father, like son.

Most deserving officers and awardees.

The new set of officers were inducted into office namely: Gene Samson (Grand Princep), Bobby Pascual (Vice GP), Nestor Lawas (Master of the Rolls), Louie Ruiz (Guardian of the Coffers), Kiko Delmendo (Herald), Gabby Moraleda (Chamberlain), Dutch Aragones (Guardian of the Chattels), Gilbert Basbas (Wielder of the Sword).

Three awards were handed out. Two for achievement -- Cecilio Felix DVM (UP Mindanao Cattle Research and Development), Lleva Abenes (Ikebana Art) and Eric Punzalan for service.

A solemn reaffirmation of the credo and a break with tradition. The UP Sash.

Whereas before, we used the gavel as the symbol for turning over responsibility from the outgoing GP to the incoming one, this time we used the UP Sash (or called “the Sablay) sewed in with an embroidered UP Beta Sigma seal -- representing how Beta Sigma is woven into the fabric of the University of the Philippines. As UP represents excellence, so does Beta Sigma.

The focal point of the evening was the reaffirmation of our credo. More than fifty UP brods lined up, holding e-candles and humming our hymn, walked to the center of the ballroom and collectively recited our oath. To recreate the suspenseful moments before our blindfold is taken off during the final rites, the lights were dimmed. It was touching to hear, once again, “Let there be light.” -- the words that meant acceptance to the fraternity – and the completion of our journey as neophytes.

Fun, fun, fun.

To the tunes of the 50’s, 60’s,70’s and 80’s, the guests danced the boogie, swing, cha-cha, tango and maski pops (or is it maski mali ?) till midnight. Selected from among many, the Vintage Plus Band of Union City played music to the guests delight and liking. Dance,dance,dance -- even those who struggled keeping a step in sync with the beat were seen trooping to the dance floor to have fun, fun, fun -- pure and unadulterated.

A sumptuous breakfast for the sendoff picnic.

The picnic was the culmination of the weekend fellowship -- a never-ending kwentuhan, tsismisan and recollection of the past two fun-filled days. Maski konting oras lang ang tulog and others with hangovers, as always, ayaw maghiwalay. Such is UP North’s camaraderie.

Simply euphoric.

See you in 2019. Much cheers and pasasalamat!!



Photos by Johnny Regadio and Norman Bituin


Embassy Suites Milpitas

Die-hard Bal & Bing Villanueva UPD'60 arrive from Sydney.





Hospitality Night



Father Pompi Ponferrada celebrates mass before the start of the welcome festivities.

































First Lady Geny choreographs and leads the UP North belles to a bouncy country dance.



Band of Brothers (BoB) rock the house.





















A sword-wielding Mediterranean dancer gyrates and tickles Brod Nonoy's belly button:)






Induction of Officers and Fraternity Ball

Brod Jay Jay and Gladis Jayme grace UP North's 34th.






Singing the National Anthems.


Brod Johnny Regadio delivers the invocation prayer.






Jay Jay's batch mate, Jimboy Tambaoan (UP Medicine), is Cherry Bituin's nephew and was recruited by Norman. 



The Awardees: Dr. Cecilio Felix, Lleva Abenes and Eric Punzalan.



Guest speaker Brod Jay Jay Jayme delivers a heartfelt speech of his Betan journey and dreams for the future.



Outgoing GP Ding Cavestany passes the UP Sash, Sablay, to Incoming GP Gene Samson. 


Brod Jay Jay inducts the incoming officers of UP Beta Sigma Northern California, commonly known as UP North. 














UP North Ladies, led by CDO City native Atty. Aileen Basbas, amaze the crowd with the Malong Muslim Dance.









Reaffirmation with the Betan Credo.












































See you in 2019 !! 



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