UPLB Memorandum of Agreement - Mutual Cooperation:

UP Beta Sigma and Upsilon Sigma Phi



January 12, 2017

Dear Brods,

Attached are photos of the signing of a MOU between UP Beta Sigma Fraternity & Upsilon Sigma Phi, pledging mutual cooperation in campus activities & respecting the long history of each fraternity in UPLB.

The common goals are to prevent campus incidents which lead to preventive suspensions of both our residents (resulting in dismissals) & to uplift the image of fraternities as campus leaders & future responsible UPLB alumni.

The first joint campus project this year is the bloodletting during the UPLB Feb Fair in cooperation with the Red Cross (details in a separate email later on).

This is a prelude to the formation of a larger group, the UPLB Barkada Barkadahan. It is to be patterned after the UP Barkada Barkadahan of UP Frat Men & UP Orgs.
Brods Lakan Fonacier & Boyet Fernandez & Frank Cornejo have agreed to help in its formation.

Cheers to Beta Sigma!


Jojo A.'79



Photo L-R:
Glen Lubuguin (Upsilon)
Baron Alqueza (Upsilon Jr.Adviser)
Riki Sandalo (Upsilon Sr.Adviser)
Ambo Lapis (UPLB BSFAA Pres)
UPLB Chancellor Fernando Sanchez,Jr.
Jojo Alejar (UPLBBSFAA BOT & ex-officio UPBSF Inc Central)

Not in photo is Dr.Chito Protacio (UPBSF Sr.Adviser) who was under the weather & was at home.







Update: 2/08/2017

(from Jojo Alejar)


Continuing MOU between UP Beta Sigma & Upsilon Sigma Phi, Feb 3, 2017.

Sec. Mon Paje @ COOP Tambayan


Sec. Mon & the Chancellor sharing a light moment with our Grand Princep & Upsilon Most Illustrious Fellow

MOU Covenant



   Photo L-R:
  -- Ambo Lapis'80 - Pres. UPLBBSFAA.
  -- Francis Norman Yapchiongco '87 - Upsilon National Board Director for Los Banos.
  -- former DENR Sec. Ramon Paje'77.
  -- UPLB Chancellor Dr. Fernando Chinte Sanchez,Jr.'84 (Upsilon & nephew of brod Dom Chinte'77 HM).
  -- Nathan Bantoc'11- GP '16-17.
  -- William Bayhon III'18 - Most Illustrious Fellow UPLB (3rd gen Upsilonian).
  -- Serlie Barroga Jamias - Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs(Sigma Delta & older sister of brods Roger'82 & Edward Barroga).
  -- Vice Chancellor for Planning.
  -- Baron Alqueza'84 - Upsilon Jr. Adviser (son of the late Gen Dick Alqueza, room mate of brods Ning de la Paz & Kuya Domingo at Tan's apartment in the 60's),

          nephew of former LB Upsilon Mayor Andrew Nocon.
  -- Atty Obet Oliva'74 - UPBSF Inc BOT member,Exec Directorr Asean Center for Biodiversity.
  -- Jojo Alejar - ex Officio BOT UPBSF Inc.
  -- 1st VGP Cyrus Digma'11.


"Bloodiest Rumble Bloodletting Feb 8 @ UPLB"



20+ Beta Sigmans & 20+ Upsilonians mix it up during photo ops in the blood drive sponsored by Philippine Red Cross & UPLB Red Cross Youth.

Alumni brods were led by:
Frank Colanta'55(in datbj
Dr.Chito Protacio'74
Albert Borrero'75
Muloy Eala'79
Randel Aragones'93
Arnel Bandian'89
Joshua Malana'08
Ambo Lapis'80-

The Upsilonian alumni were represented by:
Glen Lubuguin
Riki Sandalo'76- Sr.Adviser
Baron Alqueza'84-Jr.Adviser
Ryan Vergara'81
Vincent Soriano-Mayor of Pakil,Laguna.

Ryan was the MIF of Upsilon,at the same time I was LB GP in 1985. We were elem sch classmates in Maquiling School. 


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