Letters of Gratitude from UPBSF Betan Scholars and Mothers


1. Jayme James Tambaoan

Batch Campus/Year: UPPF 2016A (Super Sabre)
Course: BS in Basic Medical Sciences (INTARMED - Medicine in 7 years), 3rd Year
Units Passed / GWA:

    -- 1st Award:   1st Sem 2015-16: 19.5 units.  GWA: 1.7

    -- 2nd Award: 2nd Sem 2015-16: Will be released at end of semester due some subjects have 1 year duration.  





Brod Jim and mother



2. Mark Aaron Tinambunan

Batch Campus/Year: UPV 2008-B
Course: BS Psychology and Management
Units Passed / GWA:

   -- 1st Award: 1st Sem 2015-16 = 15 units.  GWA 2.2



Brod Ollie,


How are you? I hope this reaches you well.


I am so grateful to be included as one of the recipients of the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity Scholarship Program. I have told my parents about this

good news and they are happy as much as I am - and PROUD should I say.


Please extend my sincere gratitude to the Scholarship Committee who approved my application and of course to our dear Brod donors who are most

generous in sharing their goodness to the Fraternity.


I have attached our family picture with the grant letter you sent me. You will see me, my father, my mom and my younger brother (left to right order).


Thank you again Brother, Cheers!!!


PS: I looped my mother in this email.


Betanly yours,


Brod Mark Aaron, UPV 2008 - B


Contact Information: Mobile PH: +63 977 082 1128, Phone PH: +63 33 321 6208




Brod Mark with his father, mother and younger brother


Are pictures really worth more than a thousand words? In this case, they do.


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