A Committed Brod, An Institution

by Dan Galoso


[Photos by Dan Galoso, Ike Araneta & Norm Bituin]

[Link to Ike's B&W photos:]


     Once again, its the end of April and it's Tatang's birthday, a beginning of a new year. But this year marks another beginning and ending. It's Tatang's Retirement and it marks the end of those routine events such as waking up early, taking a shower, driving up to work, dealing with slow traffic and congested roads, schedules, deadlines and the occassional asshole at work. Those days are gone. The words "early" and "late" have lost their original meaning and significance. Waking up late or an early dinner changes one's perspective.

     Retirement may mean a change of pace but Tatang as a "committed brod" has not changed one bit. Along with Norman, we three have been closely together for the last 50 years. We have been a part of each other's lives. Tatang is still the same intelligent, creative brod I first met in 1967. The three of us have been through life and death situations and survived them all. Tatang has always been a committed Betan, fiercely loyal, generous and sincere. Tatang is now an institution. There will never be another Tatang. Neither are we asking for one nor hoping for another one. There will always be only one Tatang.

     It is the end of April and it means an overnight drive up north. For me and some brods from Southern California, it has become an annual ritual, a "pilgrimage" of sorts to celebrate a beloved brod. Norman Bituin rented a minivan and I was the designated driver. Ed Rivera picked up both Dante Morales and Nonoy Bautista and we all met at Aman Carolino's place in Sylmar. We started our leisurely drive at about 10 pm Friday and stopped 3 times along the way to fuel up, have some snacks (Norman's empanadas and Nonoy's Porto's desserts) and some Seattle's Best coffee to keep us happy and full but alert.

     We arrived at Granite Bay before 6 am and we quickly finished our breakfast of fried rice, longanisa and itlog na pula with kamatis. We ate quickly, not because we were famished but we felt that it was getting in the way of the "spirits". Out of our respect and great affection for Vale, it was all but fitting that we started with his Johnny Walker Blue. It was 6:30 in the morning, a blessed way to start Tatang's birthday. Then the question "nakatikim ka na ba ng katorce anyos?" came up. I almost blurted out an affirmative reply but held short. So we took the safer way and downed Aman's Platinum -- 18 years -- daisy ocho anyos-- safe na. 









Norman gives a European hand-carved set to the Sacramento Dept.of Transportation 10-year chess champ, including the last before retirement, 2017.


     The day was filled with fun, stories, laughter, food, drinks and music. Brods Kiko Delmendo, Babes Ignacio and Franklin Morales and their band set the tone with their music. The festivities went on through the night and as I sat by myself and watched from afar, I couldn't help but admire a true Betan. Tatang is the quintessential Betan. Tatang is truly committed and he is an institution. For me, he should be committed to an institution!!! LOL, Happy birthday Tatang!





Brod Pastor Rod Reyes leads the group in prayer and thanksgiving to the Lord.





















Willie belts out their UPD Batch '67A theme song - "Summertime". An encore at their Golden Anniversary in RP Frat Ball in July?!!






Grandpa Tatang with 4 of the 6 grandkids, wife Tess, Tanya Araneta, and daughters-in-law Lani and Jing.








Thanks Brod Ike for the photos. I salute Brod Tatang -- a quintessential Betan.



I was not able to see your valedictory address until I sent you a felicitation just a few minutes ago. I thought you retired but I found out that you are now embarking a Gargantuan project that will last a lifetime. You are really amazing with so much vision lurking in the deepest chamber of your cranium. My profound admiration for a never ending quest for the benefit of humankind.

Ben Manzano, Your "Kababayan"



Panu naman kami dito sa Pinas? Hehe,Part II tayo sa July,CHEERS !
Great photos brod Ike!



Happy Birthday Brother Tatang and prayers for many many more Blessed years ahead !!!!!




Thanks for that unforgettable 14-hour birthday/retirement celebration (from 6am
to 8pm). Starting with the Blue Label, then Platinum Label and last but not the least -
the 12-yr-old Yamazaki. One of the most amazing parties ever... with Brods Kiko, Babes
and Franklin providing real great sounds/music. Sa susunod ulit.



Three Cheers to you Brod Tatang !! I have 3 shot bottles of HIBIKI 17yrs left. When you are here in Manila, let's have a shot.

Three Cheers!!
Brod Jay Jay


Enjoyed reading up and seeing happy photos re your special day, Brod Tatang!
Naimbag a Casangay mo ngarud manen, Kabsat! I think I had greeted you earlier
but aging minds keep getting in the way (by not being quite sure!)
Great to see familiar faces esp my ka-batch Nonoy Bautista, kapanahunan Norman B. and all those durable, die-hard fellow-Ilocano Betans.


-SR / D'60


Let me join the many Brods who have already greeted you with well wishes on your Birthday and Retirement.

This is one occasion which I can truly say I wish I was there to join the celebration. From what I have seen in the photos shared by Brod Ike (Mahalo Brod Ike!!) and reading the many email messages I am quite sure it was a grand and memorable celebration!! Naiinggit talaga ako!

I salute you on your planned crusade in the Philippines for the seminar/ workshops series for the residents bringing to fruition what you have envisioned and shared with me many years ago when I was still there in Sacramento. Mabuhay ka Brod!

Now that you're retired perhaps a visit to Honolulu with Sis Tess is also in the offing? Kami naman ni Brod Orlino, Brod Bong (Jamir) and all the Brods here, ang magbibigay pugay sa inyo with our warm Aloha!

Cheers Brod Tatang! In behalf of my family, who will forever be grateful of your help and continuing guidance, Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement!! Wishing you more blessings and good health always!

God bless!


Belated Happy Birthday, Brod Tatang! My salute to one of the finest Betans around! Mabuhay ka! Agkikita tayo inton July!

Brod Randy


Brothers All,

Words will never be enough to express my profound gratitude to the One Above and to you Brods for such an eventful celebration of a double milestone -- as a Platinum celebrant and as a retiree.

With all the love that the brods had extended in these milestones, what more can I ask for? And that include countless greetings in other social media such as FB and Viber. OMG, it's really, really so overwhelming that you all make me feel that I'm now ready to go ahead 😊 after a life fulfilled!

Well, I guess the best way for me TO MAKE A RETURN is to finish a project that then Prez Jojo Alejar mentioned to me during his visit to SF last November: A sequel to the Resident Workshop held last year as part of our Platinum year festivities. This time, I will be going around to all five UP campuses to provide more in-depth 3-day live in Seminar/Workshops, in partnership with our UP Beta Sigma Central. OBJECTIVE: To empower our residents with knowledge, attitude and skills in response to the changing environment in our campuses. These will be made possible courtesy of very supportive brods who are financing the seminar/workshops that I will be conducting separately in all five campuses, and also in partnership with our UP Beta Sigma Central. These are Brod Mayor Lito Tadena who has donated P50,000, Brod Jayjay Jayme with P20,000, Secretary Vic Ramos, some funding support from our Central (if necessary), and hopefully, the use of my own donation to the Good and Noble Fund.

To increase the possibility of success of these seminar/workshops, we have the support and commitment of several area-based brods. For instance: Brods Dave de la Torre (an experienced trainor himself), Dennis Liggayu and Dennis Belmonte in UP Baguio; Brods Alexis "Dogs" Dogwe, Kim Cabatit and Prez Joel Paredes in Diliman; Brods Randy Malayao and the UPV Alumni Group in UP Visayas; Brod Jojo Alejar in UPLB; and Brods Angie Angliongto and Mon Carpio in UP Mindanao.

Now for the individual THANK YOUs. I will try my best to be comprehensive:

1. Six (6) Los Angeles Brods arrived in Sacramento at 5:30 a.m. with unique and unexpected gifts. All of them even helped cleaned the venue (home of my son). They are: Norman Bituin, Danny Galoso, Ed Rivera, Aman Carolino, Nonoy Bautista and Dante Morales. Jun Vale, who is now in Holland attending the tulip festival, LITERALLY came "in spirit" - with his big bottle of Blue Label. I can't help sharing the attached "First To Arrive" picture.

2. Three more cars from Los Angeles arrived later, and that included Brod Pastor Rod Reyes, who would lead a very inspiring prayer/message for the occasion. Brod Sonny Pagador came in with Pastor Rod and his family - and later his daughter and 2 grandkids came all the way from Redding.

3. Then Brod Edsel and Mayette Arceo came with Central President Joel Paredes, wife Mercy and daughter Carla; followed by Brod Art Martin and wife Tina (who immediately greeted me with "Ang lakas mo talaga kay Art".

4. Thank you to the following from Northern California: Brod Ike and Tanya Araneta, for bringing in additional chairs, your constant inspiration and sound advice, your B/W pics, and for performing with the band; Brod Bong and Aileen Beredo for bringing the lechon; Brod Allan Torneros for bringing the cod fish; Brod Agis Landrito for successfully convincing your boss to get a replacement for the day; Brod Ding and Julie Cavestany for what I call a "sentimental journey" towards the renewal of old friendship, and your rendition of your signature song; Brod Chris Lagasca, and hooking me up "live" with greeter Brod Iking Agana.

5. To "Me and My Friends" band, courtesy of Northern California Brods Kiko Delmendo, Babes Ignacio, and Franklin Morales, you really provided the fireworks of this occasion. You definitely WOWED EVERYONE, most especially the 11-delegation San Beda High School classmates, and our neighbor who invited himself to listen and even sing to your beautiful music. My daughter-in-law said another neighbor came later to ask why the music stopped! Well, expect some invitations very soon! Akala tuloy ng mga classmates ko na mayaman si Tatang to even afford such an excellent band!

And with all the beautiful gifts AND ALL THOSE CLASSY BOTTLES OF WHISKEY, BRANDY, LIQUER, VODKA, RED AND WHITE WINES, you will be assured of having something to DRINK TILL YOU DROP when you visit my home.

So there, my Brothers... as I said, words are inadequate to describe my gratitude to all of you.







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