Brod Oscar Mamangon

 UP Los Baños ’64

February 19, 1942 - January 24, 2017






Betan Farewell Rites

Hermanos Funeral Home

Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

January 27, 2017


[Photos by Joel Paredes]



Frat convoy to Cabanatuan City for Betan rites/wake starts at UP Diliman tambayan.


























breaking news:
seems to be a very sad news on brod oca mamangon. still sketchy and verifying details.
i texted brod Sandy:
"tol, wats d latest on brod oca? brod bogs texted me asking."
Brod Sandy replied:
"Ang wake d2 haus ng kapatid ko sa aduas. sa saturday, jan.28 @ 9:00am Cabanatuan."


Rolly Reyes





Oh no!
Farewell, my brother Oca, farewell. Thank you very much for all the moments!



A Betanful journey of a life.
That's what he will be remembered for.
May his soul Rest In Peace.



This news cannot be about Brod Oca Mamangon. His life is the Beta Sigma Fraternity. He should be forever for all of us. I will paddle him and cry profusely and lament

for a long long time if he went ahead and left us. Wail brothers for a very loyal Betan has fallen. Grief and sorrow descend upon all Betans if true. No cheers.

Ed Abon, UPD Panzer 69A


Brod oca passed away at 1:30 pm yesterday. He was 74. He had enfyzema due to heavy smoking in the past. He had a mild attack. His wake is in cabanatuan nueva ecija.

Sandy 72c


The shocking and sad news of Brod Oca Mamangon’s demise has created a gut churning and an unsettling emotion on me being a close friend and a UP Betan.

I have respected and loved my old friend Oca since our old vet med days.

Fond memories remained and much as I remember when:

- He requested me to vouch for him on his request for an amount from his brother in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija for an undisclosed amount of money to buy a needed horse for his specimen in Veterinary Anatomy. An amount came alright for his horse specimen only to be spent at the San Lazaro and Sta Ana racetracks.

- The sleepless nights of beers and gins in Project 4 with late Brod Alex "Bonga” King. With Brod Oca dutifully doing the odd running around chores.

- The scariest time when we were passengers with late Brod Alex who was so drunk and driving in the opposite lane of the old Dewey Blvd, Brod Oca shouting, cursing and waving away the flow of incoming vehicles to give way… scary? Nope we’re out stoned and enjoying the adventure.

He loved the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity dearest in his heart. After a misgiving in UP Los Banos, he challenged the "personal" and harshest Betan initiation process multiple times in UP Diliman.


He became a True Betan without compromises and abandonment.

Brod Oca is a survivor. He lived a full life and enjoyed the company of his idol Betans from late Brod Horacio “Asiong” Morales to our much endeared. Brod Alex “Bonga” King. Lately, with his close friend, the famous chef. Brod Sandy Daza, as well as the companionship of brods in the current UP Betan Brotherhood,.

He is a friend, a giver and a tolerant brod .

He won't mind doing favors when requested. He cherised friendship and grieves on losing a friend in the brotherhood.

He knows how to accept the wondrous Betan tradition of name calling.. Every UP Betan from my time till up to the current brods knows one “Ocs Mamangit.”

A very fond address given by brothers close to him.


L-R: BrodsVee Vera, Noli H. Nolasco, Oca Mamangon and Sandy Daza

Brod Oca is an icon in my Betan World of Brotherhood.

He is a loyal, dedicated and determined brother that will live in the memory and hearts of every brod in the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity.

He will surely be missed.

Farewell, my friend. Be at peace with the Lord.

Find your way to greet those Betans that have passed ahead of you.

Proudly announce to all of them that the famous “Oca Mamangit” has indeed come to join the fun and the camaraderie of a Betan life which you so loved.

Noli H, Nolasco’62B



Nice tribute, Brod Noli. Oca Mamangon a “Betan For All Seasons”. He had already left UPLB when I joined the fraternity in 1970, but, I heard a lot of stories about

Oca Mamangon even before I met him. Mostly from his UPLB batchmates -- Freddie, Dave, Danny and the late Boy Vera. There are only a handful of Betans we can

call legends, but Oca was a legend in his own right as Brod Tatang said. It is a sad day indeed. I joined all Betans in mourning the loss of our dear brother Oca Mamangon.

Jim G, UPLB’70B


Here's a photo with Chef Sandy and our Beloved brother OCA Mamangon!

Joe Lalas


Brods, brod sandy is coordinating our farewell rites for our beloved brod oca mamangon '64 uplb. He is going there now.
The wake is at 25 santarina st. Aguas, cabanatuan city. Brod freddy fajardo is mobilizing their other kabatch, and we are
tentatively scheduling our tribute friday evening. Meeting place at 3 pm will be the tambayan sa up diliman.can brods offer
their vehicles? Pwedeng convoy na lang . Interment will be on saturday. We also intend to collect some funds for his family.
Will update you later on where you can send it if you can't join us.

Joel Paredes


Our condolences to the family of beloved brod Oca Mamagon. May he rest in peace.

Gene & Geny '66


RIP....Brod Oca,

Rotsen '66 UPLB


I met Brod Oca as master during our initiation in UP Dil. 64. But the undeniable truth is he got expelled from UP LB sometime 1964-65.
The amazing story is he showed that he wanted to be a UP Beta Sigman all the way by becoming a neophyte again and proved he can be for how
many times.. For all the brods during this era can attest to this absolute truth. This was his legacy. Brod Oca's memories will stay with us as long as we live.

We'll remember the days when Oca will volunteer to do favors and give you tips para masyota mo ang gusto mong bebot. He did it well for
the late Brod Alex King. In UP Diliman one Brod called him the good, the bad and the Oca. (Forgive me for sharing this). One time he got soo
drunk and he peed on his pants slump on a chair and we lifted him out and one brod just poured water on his pants. For looking good he knows
the best tailor where we can have our custom maong pants made called Rey Rider. Brods know specially Brod Jopet during his residence in
Brod Jopet's he got a woman too.When brods visit Brod Jopet's house Brod Oca will always be hospitable by telling Menchie or Menchu to serve
us coffee and snacks.He knew how to endear and work with brods especially Brod Sandy Daza during his later years.

Brod Oca you're one unique and incredible brother I'll never forget in my lifetime. Rest in peace. May God bless you in your eternal journey.

bart '64


The few times i met Brod Oca, he welcomed me with a most Brotherly Smile and Firm Hand Shake, all the time.
Three Cheers to Brod Oca !!

Brod Jay Jay Jayme


BROD OCA MAMANGON FAREWELL RITES UPDATE: brods who are participating will meet at 2 pm (not 3 pm) at the UP diliman tambayan on friday.
We will proceed to 25 santarina street, ADUAS centro, cabanatuan city. Can some provide the vehicles so that more residents can join us?
Brod peter danao will provide the bank acct for any financial assistance to the family.

Joel Paredes





for any donation, you may deposit it to:
Security Bank- McKinley branch
Current Account No. 0006042553
Account Name: U.P Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
pls email your deposit slip to
or text me at 0918-9081625 the date, time and amount of your deposit,

-peter danao UPD'92


Brod bing garcia is readying a coaster for brods who will be participating in farewell rites for his kabatch,
brod oca mamangon on friday. We leave at 2 pm meeting place diliman tambayan.


brod oca mamangon during the farewell rites for brod ed maaba two weeks ago.

Joel Paredes


Bart, like you, I will always remember very fondly and with a smile on my face, our beloved brod, Oca, who in all occasions and whenever brods gathered, never failed to make us laugh and to feel good with his antics. And like you, I still remember the first time I met Oca....I was a new brod in 1967 and the brods were preparing campaign posters and streamers for the candidacy of brod Jimmy Yambao who was running as chairman of the student council. Of course, bangka si Oca sa kwentuhan at tawanan that night at Tito de Santos' house at the Katipunan area, but the new brods like me, and the rest of Summer Typhoon '67, did not know him personally, kasi hindi naman siya umatend the whole month of our initiation. When he left with other brods, kinuwento ni Buddy (Garbanzos) that Oca was not recognized as a brod, and that he was expelled by his mother chapter, UPLB. This info was very intriguing to me and some of my kabatch because of the fact that we were new brods and therefore newly indocrinated to the principal truth that "Once a Betan, always a Betan!" Siguro nakanganga kaming mga bago not comprehending how a brod could be expelled! Corics (Rico Sanchez) then narrated Oca's story, about leading a "panty raid" at some ladies' dorm at UPLB and that the frat was put in a bad light kasi nabuko yung nangyari and siguro talagang napahiya by the actuations of a then new member Oca. Corics and Jun Leyco narrated how our UPLB chapter agonized in its decision to expel Oca and later, they were all in awe when Oca tried to re-enter the frat by being a neophyte again and again in Diliman in the 60s but was unsuccessful each time. But true to form, Oca's undying devotion to the Beta Sigma never wavered. He was always with the frat sa lahat ng inuman, at the tambayan, in all its activities and even in conflicts with other frats. I remember an instance when a campus bully tried to intimidate a new brod. Oca came to the rescue and cut the bully down to size and the guy apologized profusely and even knelt before Oca asking forgiveness, hollering in near tears, "hindi ko alam na brod mo, Oca! " I was so impressed by what I witnessed! And right there and then Oca was my "brod" kahit na ano estado niya at that time....When karate practices were held at Jopet's house in Kamias, he shared an Oca story. His father asked Oca's name and Oca answered, "Ascar!" englisizing ng todo yung Oscar. But to me.and to my kabatch Torch, Oca will always be "MAMANGIT" for obvious reasons...... pahinga ka na muna, Mamangit, your brods will always be with you and love you and will miss you so.....

Bobby Manansala'67



BROD Oca-not too many brods have not heard of his name. And not too many brods have not been on the receiving end of Brod Oca's being a Betan brod. I know a lot of our brods are even confused regarding Oca's batch. But does it really matter? Fact is - I know of no brod who was ever refused by Oca when help was requested. No matter what the request was he always produced results. Despite what we may have heard about him - he lived up to the betan character. And he showed it - and proved it! We've lost another reliable and dependable Betan Brod! May he rest in peace!"




This another tribute to the Legendary Betan Life of Brod Oca Mamangon who I have accepted as a
Brod since the Betan Era mentioned by Brod Bart Gacad in his tribute to him.

Brod Oca had shown an indomitable spirit, tenacity and perseverance to become a Brod over a
span of years. He suffered more Betan kicks, karate chops and punches more than anyone in the fraternity
suffered over the years of his initiation but survived and stayed alive to give vibrant lives to Betan Brods.

No one can be greater than Brod Oca in the context of a physical/emotional initiation he suffered .but he
endured such sneers, jeers, laughs before and after initiations ....and because BROD OCA is in a Perfect
Psychological Health ...he vanguished such unintentional personal attacks on his person bordering to
disrespect to people in the name of Betan Endearment.

Inspite of such a predicament BROD OCA MAMANGON has kept the Beta Sigma fraternity to his Heart ...
....using the words of Brod Noli Nolasco ...he is a True Friend, a Giver and most of all a Tolerant Brod.

I know Brod Oca has lived his Betan Life to the fullest. Thanks to the Good Hands of his Betan Brods/Friends

 ..... Brod Boy Morales ... Brod Alex King ...Brod Sandy Daza ...who has taken care of him as Ampon...

at sometime in his Betan Life.

I salute you Brod Oca for giving our Fraternity a vibrant Life and I wish you Godspeed in your Fade Away
Journey to Heaven .

Mon Ventura '65



Like Mon Ventura, I first tried to enter in '64 but was "deferred" to '65. In Dec. '64 before the Lantern Parade, I was "kidnapped" with 4 other neophytes (Romy Dalisay'64 and Mon "Dagger" '65 are the ones I remember) by a group of masters from Vet Med and Los Baños. We were taken to Area 17 at the place of Dr. Adolfo Acorda'63 for "the usual". The masters were trying hard to beat out the dagger tattoo from Mon Amparo's calf. I had the forceps and chain treatment from Dr. Val Pulmano'57. Two of the LB masters who were initiating us were Oca Mamangon and Nonoy Ferrer, already suspended at the time from what we heard later. When Oca first entered in Diliman in '66, I thought he was very wary of me. But I just talked to him. I never physically initiated anyone anyway, except during my term when I had to give the ceremonial paddle to the Redskins'72. For "take 2" brods like us who had to endure the stigma, the torture and agony of the wait, I totally agree with Mon Ventura. It is hard for me to conceive that any brod had suffered as much physically and mentally compared to what Oca had to go through to regain back our frat pin and the respect of the brothers.


We salute you, Brod Oca!


Norman Bituin '65    



Brod Oca,
I will never forget 1 classic story about you. I believe it was Alex (Bonga), or was it Kabatch Ed (Chax),who told me that it was during 1 inuman night, when Oca asked for a couple of maximum Viagra tablets. All eyes and ears all zoomed towards Oca and asked, who the date is going to be. Oca softly whispered; "Wala Brod, kasi pampatigas lang. Magsasarili lang ako pagkatapos ng inuman. Magja-jakul ako kasi wa-erect na. Tagay Pa Utol.

Raoul Reyes '65


Oscar Mamangon was truly a one-of-a kind Betan. To describe him will incur a thousand adjectives. And that is the reason those adjectives left unforgettable moments that endeared him to every one of us. Oca was a marauder, a romantic, a gutsy-protester and a leader-follower. All qualities befitting of a battle-scarred betan persona through and through. His entry into a group's conversation will always light up our faces to confirm approval of his presence. He was the "barkada" of everyone. He was Oca Mamangon to everyone. He seems to sport the betan tatoos all over his body and contaminate everyone with his kinetic charms. He won medals by not wearing them. He may not be a pillar but you can quickly sense that he was part of a strong foundation of kinship. He was both earthly and heavenly. He had no gold in his pockets yet you never hear him complain. Lest we forget brod Sandy Daza's remarkable brotherly love as he stood by him clasping his hand as he walked through his most difficult times. Brod Oca will always belong to us because he feels we belong to him. Keep smiling and let's keep in touch.















Brod Sandy Daza, in confirming the passing of Brod Oca Mamangon, described him as “one and only”.

This is such an accurate attribute to Brod Oca, who never really minded that we called him Mamangit (or at least that was the impression he gave). When I was a new brod, I thought his more appropriate  moniker should have been “Mamang Goon”. It did not take me long to be endeared to Brod Oca because he was always the kind of person who was ready and willing to do another brod a favor, and while  he loved to banter at the Tambayan, was neither hurtful, pikon nor malicious.

There will never, ever be someone like him. Oca tried to reenter the frat several times with all the great risks that went with our old initiation process. Add to that the stories of why he could not finish the  process  each time. But even during all those years of “expelled” status, he enjoyed the friendship of the brods and the privilege of being a mainstay at the Tambayan. With all his services that included the  more perilous ones, there were many of us who sincerely and unconditionally called him a “brod”. He was, in fact, an asset to us. I have not heard anyone even ask “when” he was finally readmitted.

Deep inside, I am quite happy that I will not be able to attend his wake and the Final Rites. I would rather remember him to be forever the smiling brod with his usual sunny disposition, an exceptional Betan  who gave so much of himself to service.

Indeed, there will be no other Oca Mamangon. The one and only, indeed.

Have fun in your new journey, Brod Oca. Mel and Tito de Santos will welcome you with open arms. And Bonga, Kulot and Walter, too. And all the others who went ahead. And you will have more time  with Founders Jesse James and Rico Arranz. 




My deepest condolences to his family and the brotherhood . We lost big today.
I have always treated him  a brod. Like some of us he spent some time with my
family too. Nakakalungkot.
His life has been dedicated to the Fraternity ever since I've known him.
Truly filled with humor. Masayang kasama.
What more can I say.



Brod Oca Mamangon.

When I saw him for the very first time, he sported a thick mustache that complemented his thick eyebrows and, he pulled into the UPLB tambayan, at the COOP in a “TRAFCON” car. He wore a tucked out polo shirt over a pair of Levis jeans; had a clutch bag in his hand; and happy feet “bakya” step-ins as footwear. He had an aura of authority. Who was he, I asked? Oca Mamangon…

this is a happy feet


It was later on, when he came back to stay at Los Banos for weeks at a time that I really got to know him, and him me. He liked Lipa, and people from Lipa, for some reason. Then he got even more interested when he found out that his good friend and college roommate, Pedro Malabanan, was my uncle Pete. He grew very fond of me, and when another Carlo (Dimayuga), also from Lipa, and a nephew of uncle Pete’s wife joined the brotherhood, Oca became just as fond of him. He would call us “yung dalawang Carlo”.

Through him, Carlo Dimayuga and I got to meet Brod Sandy and his late brother Bong, as well as the so called “Grupo Uno” (untouchables during the Martial Law days). We were never discriminated upon by these blue-blooded gentlemen and were both treated very well, which showed how much Oca was respected in that circle, despite them all being among the who’s-who of Manila, and Oca, a Cabanatuanon who’s usually short of cash. We got to hang out at the Au Bon Vivant, the Circuit Disco, and we spent weekends and some weekdays at the Daza house in Urdaneta.

He was gallant and very generous, more especially to us, Beta Sigmans. During the time he spent at Los Banos and was making tons of money (dealing Laguna made UZIs), he shared the profits he made with the brods and boy, did he splurge. He would ask a restaurant owner to close the door and make it exclusive only to us and everything would be on him until the wee hours of the morning. He had roasted calf made for the brods on several occasions and the beer flowed endlessly during each one.

Women. He loved women, pretty women. He’d ogle at them and scrutinize them from the feet up.

He was a man of expletives. Especially when he’s had enough to drink. Ohhh, and when he’s drunk, you better be wary, he’ll pee right there at the table and usually towards the legs of the one closest to him. “Tang ina mo, mahal kita” was his way of showing his love.

Attached are some pictures of Oca when he came to Lipa when I went back home in 2008 and 2009. In 2008, I made sure that he and our uncle Pedro got to see each other. I cannot accurately describe the scene, but it was of a friendship so tight, they were crying and embracing each other like little kids. Oh, blurted out were “putang ina mo, Pedro” and “hayop ka Mamangon, walang-hiya ka”.


The first 3 photos are Oca with tito Pete, Oca and his ex-wife, and myself with them.
The 4th photo is of brod Carlo Dimayuga, Oca, 2 friends of ours, and brod Pedrito “Indo” Revilleza. The 5th photo has me instead of Indo.






Farewell Oca. Hanggang sa muli, kapatid, hanggang sa muli…







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