Brod Herminio Cabral

 UP Los Baños ’59

December 24, 1941 - May 9, 2017







Memorial Service / Betan Rites

Heaven's Garden, Anos, Los Baños

May 11, 2017


[Photos by Ollie Jumao-as]







Kuyang Domingo UPD'58, transferred to LB that same year, narrated an incident when Brod Minio was a neophyte and he placed

 a noose around his neck to hang! When the UP Band passed with Marjorette Pascual's legs on display, he forgot Brod Minio!


UPLB GP Nathan attaches frat pin to Mia, Brod Minio's youngest daughter.







Special Remembrance from a "Betan Balae"

by Willie Vergara


I grieve the passing of Brod Mino Cabral, my balae. He followed his Sigma Betan wife, Sis Lea Cabral, who went ahead two years ago.

Brod Mino is one of the most loving fathers and husbands I know. For about 4 years before Sis Lea passed on right after Christmas in 2015, he fully dedicated all his time taking care of her, aided by special nurses attending to Lea 24/7. I would visit Brods Mino and Sis Lea every year since 2010, and the last two times were in 2013, then in 2014 (see pics).

Brod Mino and Sis Lea raised four (4) excellent children, all successful professionals. They are Herbert, Hendel, Lani, my daughter in law by my second son, and Mia, who is now teaching at UPLB. Brod Mino and I have two common grandsons. He put in so many childcare hours for our first common grandson when he was in California. While in the Philippines, he would spend most of his time taking care of his many grandchildren by his two sons.

I first met Brod Mino when he and Sis Lea came to California to attend the wedding of their daughter, Lani, to my son, Carl. It was a very small and simple wedding, and the only Brod present was Norman, the baptismal Ninong of Carl (see pic). Brod Mino and Sis Lea and Tess and I easily warmed up to each other. We immediately knew that our son has married a truly well-bred and intelligent lady just knowing our new “balae”.

Brod Mino had the opportunity to see his California-based family – Lani, Carl and two sons – just last March. The whole family had to take an emergency trip to UPLB when the news that Brod Mino was about to join the Creator. But as the Lord so willed, he would still live almost two months more until he finally succumbed.

Brod Mino went peacefully, with a lot of personal fulfillment as a professional (Senior Manager at the Development Bank of the Philippines) and as an exemplary family man. We will surely miss another great Betan!



2003 - Wedding of our children, Lani and Carl.


2005 - Visiting Cabral family.

2013 - Sis Lea was already in ICU.

2015 - My last visit.




Email Messages


Sad news from Jojo Alejar:

HERMINIO 'MINIO' CABRAL UPLB'59 passed away May 8, Phil time, after a lingering illness. Wake is at Heaven's Gate, Anos, LB, Laguna.
Minio was married to the late Sigma Betan Lea Pagkaliwagan'57. Their daughter is married to Tatang Vergara's son.
Minio's utol-brod is Elpidio 'Yoyoy' Cabral '67a. Please say a prayer for the soul of Minio.

No cheers


This is sad. I was asking for Mino when I attended the 10-10-15 and Danny Labadan said that he can't join us because he was attending to Lea who was very sick. And I did not know  that Lea died already too. So this is a double shock for me as I was very close to both of them.I was their best man at their wedding. I still remember when Mino and I used to go around  Laguna, Quezon and Batangas in my motorcycle during the weekends. All I can say is, all the people who knew him, loved him. Let us pray for him and his family.




Very sad indeed. They were my neighbors in Anos. We lived on the opposite sides of the highway right by KM 65 marker. May his soul rest in peace.

Jim G '70B


ep sympathies and condolence to the family of Brod Minio Cabral. May his soul rest in peace.

Chito Reynoso 84a


May the brother's family find solace, knowing that he is now in a better place...

Carlo Malabanan, UPLB77C



We, the UP North Brods and Family, are saddened and are one in expressing our sincere condolences to Brod Herminio "Mino" Cabral

 UPLB'59's family and those he leaves behind. May Brod Mino Cabral rest in peace.



Ding Cavestany


A sad news indeed. May his soul rest in peace.

Jun C. 75a


Our condolence to the Cabral family.

Nick & Ofie Galvez


My sympathy and prayers To Brod Mino's family.

Art De Vera


My deepest sympathy and condolence.

Rick Velasco





Tetada Kalimasada - Los Baños

[Photos by Ollie Jumao-as]








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