Brod Jose Y. Lauchengco, Jr.

 UP Diliman ’58

December 6, 1936 - March 27, 2017







Green Hills Memorial Park Mortuary

25701 S. Western Ave, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

April 7, 2017


[Photos by Norman Bituin and from Joe Lauchengco's albums]






Brod Joe's sons Lance and Duane, daughters Martina and Birthe, and wife Elisabeth

with Brods Ago Romero, Ed Cornelia and Norman Bituin.






The young couple




Duane and Lance Lauchengco with proud Dad,

 West Point Military Academy, 1994 and 1995.




UP ROTC Vanguard

Turnover from one Betan Corps Commander to another: Rolly Santos, UPD'56 (Eng'g) to Joe Lauchengo, UPD'58 (AB).








Ring Hop 1959



     Joelo Laraya, UPD'60                                                          Eduardo Soliman, Jr., UPD'62






UP Beta Sigma Fraternity



UP Walkathon 1958: Joe Lauchengo at center and Ed Cornelia to his left.




UP Beta Sigma Southern California Chapter

Cherry Bituin's birthday party, Nov. 1997

[Also in celebration of dismissal of personal injury case against Norman, handled by Lauchengo Law Office]

Joe Lauchengo is standing leftmost.   



Dancing with the ladies


Chatting with the ladies


Joe with Maribel Wico-Padiernos and Ed Cornelia








"In Loving Memory": published in Asian Journal, Weekend edition, April 1-4, 2017



"Justice for all", an interview with Atty. Jose Lauchengco, Jr.:

published in Asian Journal, June 26, 2013.




"An open letter to Filipino-Americans" by Atty. Jose Lauchengco, Jr.:

 published in Asian Journal, October 27, 2016.




We will always remember Joe!! 




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