Brod Eduardo T. Maaba, MD

 UP Diliman 64

December 10, 1945 - January 10, 2017





Betan Farewell Rites

Sto. Cristo Chapel, Marilao, Bulacan

January 15, 2017


[Photos by Joel Paredes]




The Family of Brod Dr. Ed Maaba




Betan batch mate Eddie Jose


Betan batch mate Jimmy Santos



Betan batch mate Vic Tirol


Betan batch mates Jess Abrera and Jimmy Santos


UPBSF Central Pres. Joel Paredes


Past UPBSF Central Pres. Rolly Reyes











We mourn the passing of Brod Ed Maaba, a noted medical doctor and psychologist.



Sad news indeed, Tatang. I had occasions to hang out at Kulot;s house with some dostreskwatro brods way back.
When I saw your post, I thought you would be extolling him for something he did so i was eager to find out but
it pained me to read that Kulot is gone too...

Bobby Manansala'67


i like him. he has that affable smile all the time. i remember his hair "KULOT" and i would tease him, "pahipo nga ng bulbol".

ed would just smile. ed i'll see you again, wherever and when ever just don't forget to give me a smile.



We recall the happy, carefree times with Ed Maaba'64, aka "Kulot", at Diliman tambayan and our drinking hang-outs in
Proj. 4, Cubao, etc. On a balikbayan trip in the 90's, I visited our deprived relatives from my father's side in Bo. Bambang,
Bulacan, Bulacan. They told me that their doctor, when he found out that we were related, never charged them for his
services. It turned out that Ed had married his classmate from UERM who was from that barrio in Bulacan and they had
both decided to practice and live there. I went to his clinic but he was in another medical site in Manila. I left a note to
thank him for his kind heart.

Below are a couple of pictures that we had posted in our UPBSI website, in Memory Lane. Just to remind us that, despite
our disagreements sometimes, we are fraternal brothers forever and treasure this bond in our short moment on earth.


l-r: Boy Morales'60, Boygee Ganza'62, Boy Valdez'64, Ed Maaba'64, Gilbert Dulay'64,
Bobby Camins'62, Manny Cajigal'63, Drigs Bayot'64 and Bart Gacad'64.


l-r: Ed Maaba'64, Boi Wico'65, Larry Tumaneng'65, Raoul Reyes'65, Silver GP Gamy Manikan'65, Gilbert Joven'66,
Jimmy de Luna'65, Norman Bituin'65 and Elmor Villanueva'65.




I remember Brod Ed Maaba "64. I felt a certain closeness to him when I was a new brod in 1969 perhaps because we have the same nickname. Affable and quiet. He would flash his brotherly smile even when he was the subject of a nasty joke. I seldom saw him after the first encounters. I heard later on that he became a doctor of medicine. So sad to know that another brod has fallen. The pearly place is getting to be another hang-out by Beta Sigmans.

No cheers. But three cheers to his memories..

Ed Abon, UPD Panzer 69A



I remember Ed; mainly because he's also from the "Project", made up of Projects 2, 3, and 4, Quezon City. He's also 1 year
ahead of us (Jaime de Luna, Bart Gacad, Elmor Villanueva) and me in Quirino High School.
Many of the brods at the tambayan including myself always consulted and asked him for medicine and advice regarding
some ladies' delayed menstruation problem. Initially he gave us the medicine with no problem and comment; but later on he
told us: Brods, itigil na ninyo ang mga kalokohan ninyo kasi nagkakaroon na ako ng nightmare involving mga sanggol na
nag-iiiyak at sinusurut-surot ako. Isang araw lang tumalab sa mga brods, kasi after 2 days, nakapila na naman sa kanya ang

mga suki niya.

Raoul Reyes'65



May I extend my heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Dr. Eduardo "kulot" Maaba, my kabatch in the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity.
I have known Brod Ed as a fine gentleman who indeed has an amiable smile; he was a successful practicing psychiatrist after a stint as a senior officer at the National Center for Mental Health.
I pray to Almighty God to shower his family with the support and strength to bear the loss.

Gilbert Dulay, UPD '64



BELHAIM SAKUMA'64, in Micronesia


Of course I remember ... Kabatch ko rin sana ... sa Batch '64 Brod Ed Maaba ....but I missed the finals (only)

of Beta Sigma Batch ninong was brod Alex king.....until I finally made it (start to finish again to Batch 65)
I also remember some drinking sessions at the Project sa lugar ni Ed Maaba... sinasama me ni Alex King and later ni

Tony Martin after drinking somewhere else....gone are the days when we had fun .

Truly sabi nga ni Brod Norman Bituin after looking at the UPBSI website, in the Memory Lane. we will be reminded "that, despite our disagreements sometimes, we are still fraternal brothers forever and treasure this bond in our short moment on earth"..... and if I may add the Old Soldiers of General Mc Arthur ... Brod Betans NEVER DIE ,,,they just FADE AWAY....... I SALUTE YOU BROD ED MAABA.


Ramon Ventura'65


Brods will remember the Proj. 4 corner house of Brod Ed's family where brods were welcome for jugalugs, meeting place for getting ready to rumble and street fighting. Those were our adventurous time and great carefree days. One thing I really missed was meeting him when he became a Doctor .
Brod Norman's account of his professional practice together with the beloved wife leaves a noble legacy that will be remembered during our lifetime.
Brod Ed rest in peace in the eternal Kingdom of God.

Bart Gacad'64

Brod Dr Ed Maaba will surely be missed. During those days, he didn't look like the one that Ollie sent in the picture lately. He looked so fearful and war-like, with stinging glare. In fact, I was afraid of him as a neophyte. But as I got to know him at the Tambayan, he was all the amiable person the brods described him here.

Have a great journey, Doc Ed!


He will surely be missed. Lucky for us to have him as brod, such a nice, sincere fellow.

Caloy las Marias'67


I fondly remember Brod Ed Maaba as one of two brods who usually called me "beloved". Maski nasa 4th Pavilion pa lang ako ang lakas ng sigaw niya matched with a "come here" gesture. Paglapit ko sabay bulong niya "pahingi ng yosi,'tol". Of course masayang tawanan ang kasunod.
May you find everlasting peace with the Lord, beloved brod.....




Eternal rest grant unto Brod Ed Maaba, O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon him.
May he rest in peace,


Pres. Joel Paredes'73






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