Brod Angel Mateo

 UP Diliman ’91

December 15, 1956 - June 2, 2017






Memorial Service / Betan Rites

St. Peter's Memorial, Quezon Ave, Q.C.

June 6, 2017


[Photos by Joel Paredes]














Eulogy for Dr. Angel A.B. Mateo

by Dr. Ted Topacio 


       Today we are honoring one of our well known Brods, Angel. I really cannot remember how long have we have been friends but I do remember when I first met him. He was one of the recruits of Brod Alex Aquino to join the UP Beta Sigma Fraternity as a Professional. Brod Alex had told me that he was forming a new group of Betans composed of professionals in coordination with Brod Joe Agulto and it was about during this period that our recruitment for new student members from UP was having difficulty. I agreed with him on our difficulties in recruiting student members and I told him I had no objections on his recruiting professionals. But the initiation will not be physical since they are all professionals. He told me that he had planned on this and the initiation will be purely mental which will take some time including the other requirements that must be learned by heart like what we require our neophytes. I also reminded him to consult Brod Rico Arranz about his plans and how he planned to implement it. Apparently he must have done these because he implemented his program. Brod Alex had already lined up other professionals for recruitment. Unfortunately he and his family died in a car accident. And that’s how I met Brod Angel when Brod Alex introduced the group to me as members of UP Beta Sigma after some time. I cannot recall how many were there, the Brod Alex Aquino Betans.

       Since then Brod Angel was very supportive of UP Beta Sigma. Any activity of the Fraternity he always attended. He was a die hard Betan. I admired him for this. I believed that for a neophyte one does not have to be physically initiated to be a die hard Betan. When I was forming the Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations (FAVA), he supported my efforts. When I organized the Philippine College of Veterinary Public, he supported me in my effort and we were successful. In turn I supported him when he ran for the presidency of the PVMA and he was elected President. When he was one of the candidates to be a member of the Board of Veterinary Medicine examiners for the licensure examinations, I recommended him for the position because of his qualifications as a government veterinarian for honesty and integrity. He got this position and eventually became the PRC Chairman of the Board of Veterinary Medicine. When my son Cesar formed the Teodulo M. Topacio, Jr. Foundation Inc. I appointed him to be the Vice President for Professional Relations, knowing that he was well known among not only in the veterinary profession but also in the medical profession. I will certainly miss his true professional relationship, his fraternal companionship and most of all his true friendship. Brod Angel, goodbye and may you have eternal rest in heaven!



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