Jopet Laraya Receives 9th Dan Rank from

 The Global Chinese Martial Arts Federation

by Ollie Jumao-as




I asked Brod Jopet how he achieved this, his response ...

"The way I saw it brod - I believe that it wasn’t just the time I put into practicing Pakua and other arts Patrick Sifu is teaching me. I believe that the love, dedication and faith on what and how I was doing it also counted. Getting totally involved with a lot of commitment to the art, helping to promote it globally not just in words but also in actions, interacting with other styles and practitioners as worthy martial arts colleagues AND respecting them and their beliefs - being "one of their martial arts colleagues" and subtly insinuating na "hindi kita aatrasan kung gusto mong magkasubukan" IF NEEDED! That was, is and will always be the credo I believe in - and
have lived by. Incidentally, this IS the way I was brought up - and further instilled in me AS A BETAN!!!!!

Also asked how many they are in this level (DAN#9) ...

"No reliable info from China. In HK MAYBE less than 20? Since the "DAN System" became standardized as a form of "competency performance", although some practitioners prefer to ignore this system and are quite content with having what they have, knowing that what they have is superior to others. Marami din ang may mentality na "alam ko namang magaling ako eh!"

Sa Phils - none that im aware of. If im correct, a majority of the proficient oldtimer Sifus stick to old system i.e.: "I AM the sifu - ergo, I AM the top gun".





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