Eskapada sa Northern Europe

 (Part 2 of 3)

Norman Bituin'65 and wife Cherry make a

spring trip to Russia and Scandinavia. This

stop is Helsinki and Stockholm.


Save the Date!! Sep 1-3, Valencia, CA

UP SoCal 14th Induction

 of Officers & Fraternity Ball

** Click for schedule and info **


Annual Trip to CDO City with the Brods

In what has become an annual, even a bi-

annual trip (aka "The Pilgrimage"), to Hec

San Juan's farm, Rey Bello'69, recounts

ziplining, off-roading and river rafting thrill.


Ruperto Ambil, Jr.

1941 - 2012

Retired Lt. General, Philippine Army

Former Governor, Eastern Samar


Eskapada sa Northern Europe

 (Part 1 of 3)

Norman Bituin'65 and wife Cherry make a

spring trip to Russia and Scandinavia. This

stop is Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.


UP North's new First Couple

"Walking Tall" is what Atenarai'71 says of

incoming GP, Atty. Dave Villegas, with his

"beautific" singer-wife Mercy. Dave says

his will be a fun administation. Cheers!


UPMin Betan Arboretum and Ecopark

UP Mindanao Beta Sigma inaugurates the

Betan Arboretum and Ecopark on July 14 in

a national tree planting program. This Betan

project ,"Alay ng Kapatiran Para sa Inang Kalikasan", supports gov't. greening efforts.

*Update 3: Fraternity Ball


The University City of Salamanca

Willie Vergara'67, wife Tess and daughter Ria visit the reputedly oldest university in

Europe and experience the most religious

ceremonies of Semana Santa, akin to the

Holy Week processions in the Philippines.


Sebastian 'Anggie' Angliongto'57, Davao

businessman emeritus and a proud Filipino, talks on family values in Inquirer Mindanao.


Alexis Dogwe'06 - SteelAsia OIC

Raffy Hidalgo'86 announces the new OIC

at SteelAsia's Bulacan Works. "Dogs" is

a BS Materials Eng'g. grad of UP Diliman.


Shock and Disbelief in Vegas

Willie Vergara'67 gets free ringside ticket

w/ Pacman's entourage to Bradley fight and

is stunned at the judges' scores. Later,

fellowship and a night stay with UP Betan

families - EdingH, JejeS and EdwinG.


Willie Nep'69: "On Trial and Error" spoof

of the Corona impeachment trial in Manila.


"The Fighting Alos"

Gerard Alo'72, the proud father of 4 brods -

Migs, Gino, Ivan and Chav - and sis Evie,

shares clips of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights of his sons. Ex-GP Migs gets 5th win.


Congrats to new Canuck barrister

Vic Battad'68 announces new lawyer in

BC, Jason Ibanez UPV'91, who passed

bar and works in Vancouver law office. 




Earth Day 2012 in Placer County, CA

Willie Vergara'67 says awareness and pro-

tection of earth starts with the very young. 


Fun, Fun in Sacramento

GP Gerry Abenes'66 herds the flock to the

Granite Bay hideaway of Tatang Vergara as

the April b'day celebrants cut up the cake

and everyone enjoys the spring ambience.


UP Visayas Beta Sigma presents Zombie

Apocalypse Concert and Fashion Show w/

live bands in Iloilo for possible recruitment.

** UPAA Election 2012  **

**Read Update: Sis Rasul, Brod Vic and

   Brod Orly win capturing top 3 spots.

We all need to vote to the UPAA Executive Board Brods Orly Sacay, Jimmy Yambao and Vic Valdepenas, and Sis Santanina Rasul. D-Day is May 16. ACT NOW!!

Click link above for instructions and details.

Fill up the UPAA Membership and UPAA

Election (Proxy) Forms and submit ASAP.



UP Manila Revival Project

Elmer Reyes'05 says it is "Ready to take

off" with the concerted effort of the alumni

and resident brods to "retake" UP Manila.


So Many Similarities

In this travel blog of Angela Garbes & Will

Pittz, they learn about South Africa's racial

mix and enjoy beauty of Cape Peninsula

where a small Filipino community exists.



Aquilino "Jun" Leyco, Jr.

1946 - 2012


Pasyal sa Espaa (Part 3 of 3)

Unexpectedly, Norman Bituin'65 gets an nvite too good to pass up and makes 2nd

trip to Europe Oct. 2011. On this last stop, he explores Granada, Gibraltar and Malaga.


View the Beta Sigman Health Drills

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