Environmental Awareness - March 2012

This will be an abundant fishing season for

salmon, says Willie Vergara'67, due to the

wise propagation measures that have resul-

ted in the big comeback of the chinook.


Two UPD Black Saints on the Prowl

Lito Lazaro'65 from RP romps in the East

Coast with Brods Raoul, Togi, Abe, Pet and

Wally; while Tito Garcia'65 of Calif. enjoys

 the beach w/batzka Mon in Real, Infanta.


Mission & Vision, Our Manifesto


UP Mindanao Beta Sigma "Woodstock"

""Betan Woodstock", says Paolo Lukban '08, was a one-night all-free concert, food

and drinks with 200+ students attending on

Feb. 21 and with support of alumni Betans.


More Boy...



Horacio "Boy" Morales

1943 - 2012


UP Mindanao Beta Sigma holds TDS Me-

dical & Dental Mission at "Betan Clinic". As Von Lao'08 writes - "a day of giving back

to the people" w/medical & dental services,

deworming, urinalysis, blood count Feb.16.


Tetada Grand Masters Visit California

Pak Eddy and Ibu Ida Surohadi visit CA in prep "LATLA 2012" in LA on summer. Norm Bituin'65 and Danny Galoso'65 practice with LA-based Indonesian group.


6th TDS Puso sa Puso Tsinelas Project

UP Beta Sigma SoCal on its 6th Tito de

Santos Community Service, Puso sa Puso

Tsinelas Project, led by Aman Carolino'71

and Edsel Arceo'73 gives tsinelas, food,

water, etc. to UP Diliman barangay Feb.12.


Vic Battad'68 and friends drive the Alaska Highway from Vancouver, BC - and survive!


Ernie Igot'70 of Maryland visits & makes  "The Pilgrimage '12" with brods and sis's at Hec San Juan's farm in Bukidnon. Lot of drinks, food, frat stories and bonding.


Makati Chapter hosts UP SoCal fellow-

ship lunch, as Paul Chua'73 welcomes

LA brods.Venue is Batangus Resto as the

Tito de Santos Tsinelas Para sa Mga Bata

project led by GP Aman unfolds in Diliman.


UPBSFI Leyco/Morales Aid Fund

Ollie Jumao-as'73 updates us on funds

given for Jun Leyco'65 (brain surgery) and Boy Morales'60 (heart attack). Thanks all !!


8th Flor Pagador Bowling for Charity

In this annual event and first project of its new officers, Aman Carolino'71 stages successful UP SoCal fund-raising for its charity work; after, all salo-salo Noypitz.


Pasyal sa Espaa (Part 2 of 3)

Unexpectedly, Norman Bituin'65 gets an

invite too good to pass up and makes 2nd

trip to Europe Oct. 2011. It's Spain as he

explores Sevilla and Cordoba on this stop.


**See: Update #1, Feb. 4, 2012

UPBSFI Releases Funds to 4 UP Beta   Sigma Resident Chapters - Los Banos, Baguio, Visayas and Mindanao. Willie Ver- gara'67 and Ollie Jumao-as'73 provide the details, email communication + t'over pics.


Gilbert Joven'66 reunites with UP Beta Sigma Kinsfolk chum Boy Concepcion

'66 and they whip out few '60s songs at Dayrit Resto in Magallanes. Reunion '12: paging lead singer Pet Grajo'60 in NJ.


UP North Acquires Tax Exempt Status

Listen up UPBSFI and UP SoCal: Willie

Vergara'67 covers GP Gerry Abenes' 1st

meeting of the year with the good news

it is now exempt from state & federal

taxes. At Ike & Tanya's home in Palo Alto,

they celebrate with good food, songs and

music by their 'A Band of Brothers'.


Aman Carolino'71, the new UP SoCal GP

elected at New Year's party, announces his officers '2012-14 and 1st project - the 8th Annual Flor Pagador Bowling for Charity at

Jewel City Bowl, Glendale, CA on Jan 28.

Hello! Goodbye! Hello!

Rotsen Lawas'66 writes on UP North New Year's party w/Ed Tadiar'70 of AU.



Shan Buyco'93: UP Visayas Beta Sigma

Haribon Batch Birthday:

Better late than later

Amid frantic urgings, Joel Paredes'73 and

the rest pull a fast one Dec 27 at the Gulp.

Operation Paper Bag for the Homeless

In the spirit of giving, Edsel Arceo'73

and wife Mayette collect and distribute paper bags from the Betan families for  West Valley Food Pantry and the poor.


UP North Christmas Party

Dave Villegas'55 writes on the annual and

exciting yuletide party at Biryani Banquet

Hall with music, parlor games and a raffle

to benefit the chapter's "Rainy Day Funds".


UP SoCal Christmas Party

Edsel Arceo'73 leads the traditional Betan

party with a theme of "A Giving Christmas".

The brods bring paper bags with essential items to be distributed to the homeless.


Maligayang Pasko at

Masaganang Bagong Taon!!

Pol Moral'65 shares the Black Saints' 46th

anniversary on Dec. 9 as they gather once

more at the Podium to bond and relive the

fun memories. Batchmates in LA also meet

to have a drink and chat about old times.


Pasyal sa Espaa (Part 1 of 3)

Unexpectedly, Norman Bituin'65 gets an

invite too good to pass up and makes 2nd trip to Europe Oct. 2011. It's Spain as he explores Barcelona and Mijas on this stop.

Vic Valdepenas'63 from UP Forestry is

the Betan Star, as Tatang Vergara, says

of Vic who celebrates his b'day in his LB sprawling resthouse. Vic is a recognized economist who heads Union Bank in RP. 


View the Beta Sigman Health Drills

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