A True Betan Hero:  Ross Panggat

 LB'94, MD, swimming in SF triathlon

 from Alcatraz, gives up race to save a

 competitor who suffered heart attack.


 Click for "Membership Dues Paid"

   (as of 8-31-08, by Treasurer Edsel Arceo)

UPBSFI Membership Campaign - win

a free vacation to Cancun / Lake Tahoe.


Eshir Ismael & Khalil Guinomla from UP Mindanao are two new MDs who

just passed board exam.  CHEERS!!!


"A Pilgrimage of Sorts" aka "R & R in R" ("Reunion & Rebonding in Rich- mond") with 1st time UP North guests Dopoy Garcia, Rudyo Oviedo, Togi Igot & Rey Carandang: had a BLAST!!

UPLB Big Brothers' Bounty, a project

of about 124 LB alumni brods, provides

scholarships to residents. LB Alumni

Prez Leo Balagot'68 hands out the

awards to the deserving young Betans.


 "Umagang Kay Ganda, UPLB Rodeo"

UP Los Banos Betan Tumbleweeds ride

them up again in a televised telecast in

TFC, as directed by Brod Pert Ambil

w/ex-champs Brods LeoB & FreddyF.


Dr. Philip Chua'55 and his family of 11

physicians receive the Phil. Economic

and Cultural Endowment (PEACE USA)

award for outstanding achievements in

their field June '08 in Atlantic City, N.J.


UPV Betan Centennial Forest in Iloilo

is launched with funds and tech support from UPBSFI and alumni brods. DENR Usec Rene de Rueda'64 visits project

site.*Cent. Forest website link inside.  


 Environmental Awareness - August

  Dr. Pogs Gaspay'68 discusses the

climate changes in RP including rising sea levels, increasing cyclones and changing rainfall patterns; and how we can "prevent, adapt and mitigate".

 Tambayan @ ika-62. July 14, '08. Alumni  & Resident Brods & LCs gather amid Typhoon Helen to the wee morning hours to celebrate another milestone.


 UP NorCal celebrates the Fraternity's

 62nd anniversary with fun and music;

 elects new GP Manolo Banzon LB'68

 for 2009-11; and honors Grand Elder

 Narcing Lapuz'48 for 60 Betan years!


 UPLB "School of Rock" - a joint rock

 concert by the UPLB Beta Sigma and  Sigma Beta for freshmen on July 10,

 '08 at Seniors' Social Garden with top

 bands in the country performing.   


  Phase III JC-SOMA completes in Cebu May27-Jun5, '08.  Resident Brods train in Kung-Fu, Arnis, TK & Pakua Zhang and meet the UP Betan "Old Guards".


"Almosalan" sa Los Banos.  Brods

and Sis offer Jollibee breakfast and

friendship to new freshmen and ramp up recruitment. Alumni share stories. 


  UP NorCal Brods "secure door" of

  UPMASA's traditional reunion and

  delight in the the joyful camaraderie of

  UP Betan MDs visiting the Bay City. 


Popoy Castaneda'55, in the last chapter in "A Betan's Journey Thru Time And Space", guides the legendary Jacques Costeau and Calypso ship in Palawan.


   MORE... California Visitors '08

Vic Tupaz, Stephen Tay, Rolly Reyes and more expected in this favorite stop.


  Jun Advincula'63, DVM on his first

  US trip visits SoCal & NorCal and

  promises to come back and see more

  Grand Canyon is on top of Jun's list.


"Prolific Month of May" in UP NorCal

begins with the bday celebrants; visits

of Tony Panajon'67 & Perfing Palacio

'52  promoting "Ten-Ten-Ten", UPLB's

Centennial Celebration on 10/10/2010.


Tony Panajon'67, former CEO/Pres.

of Pepsi/Cosmos, leads discussion in

SF and Bay Area, poses challenge on  RP investment and "value creation". 



 Bernie Bacosa'71 urges a Brotherhood

 of Servant-Leaders with his personal

"Beta Sigman's Covenant of Service"


              Happy Father's Day!!


   Pio Acampado'50, our newest     contributor from Vancouver, BC,

shares his heart-warming article.

Salamat po sa lahat ng mga Tatay!!


Thousands, including govt. officials, celebrate Phil. Independence Day and

"Fiesta sa Sacramento". UP Brods &

Wives lead and show their civic spirit.