Betan Last Rites for Brod Tito

Brod Vic leads the conduct of the last rites for the Brod who lived 'a life that matters'. "Never seen such an outburst of spontaneous reactions from brods.." --->

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Photo Remembrances of Brod Tito

by Brod Norman, from Dec'03 up to the 60th, frames the life of our dear Brod...--->

...A Life That Matters...

Brod Tito de Santos, UPD'63, in an email to his wife before coming for the 60th Anniversary of the Frat, asked that he be reminded to "live a life that matters"... that it is not a matter of circumstance, but of choice!  Farewell, Dear Brother! You are always w/ us..<--




60th Anniversary Ball




Celebrate Life of Brod Tito

In a solemn and moving ceremony, "Celebrate the Life of Tito de Santos" was held at Marriott Marina del Rey on 26Aug with full view of the sea, a site Brod Tito loved and planned of retiring close to in the Philippines... (click pic above)


always draws a huge crowd, albeit for varied reasons! This year's feature, timed just before the start of Folkways in the evening, was no different. Here, feast your eyes (if you can) on the beauty of Viva's Hazel Cabrera...






UP Diliman Resident Brods

host one of the best-attended reunion of sorts of brothers from all over, at the upper Tambayan of the Frat, near Vinzons. Starting with Thanksgiving Mass in the morning, the celebration went through the night, as usual... (click pic above) ^

L.A. Rhythm Band

features our very own Brod Joe Lalas UPD'69c, in a Crossover invitational concert series sponsored by UPBSFAA SOCAL & friends at the Pinoy Bistro, 11305 183rd Street, Cerritos, California, launched 01April 2006. UPBSF SoCal sponsors...<---

OBBF No-Limit Texas Hold'em II

 26 players, incl. 20 brods, wives, girlfriends, and guests came to play at the tournament held at Valle Verde, Pasig City, packing the place amid the pre-thunderstorm humidity.   Brod Lloyd Dizon '87 emerged as the Champion, receiving the trophy and check--->









again, at the historic Club Filipino in San Juan, Greenhills, the brods feted the Pampina a few months after his wife, Ibu Ida Surohadi, the International Master, was given the honour... <---


UPBSF Mindanao Chapter

demonstrated in a party last Christmas the long-missed camaraderie between our fraternity brothers and our Sigma Betan sisters. Hard to find in most campuses now, it shows the unity reminiscent of the glorious past..

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click pic for more sis' pics --->

1st Batch - DNT Training for Brods
started in March 2006 with a group of brods who would never have imagined they would do this one day. From breaking bones to disfiguring faces and rendering opponents unconscious- to healing, with tender, loving special care to boot..? ^