Angel Mateo

1956 - 2017

Save the Date - July 15, 2017!!

UP North's 34th, Simply Euphoric

Herminio Cabral

1941 - 2017


Europe by Eurail

Gilbert Joven'66 & family take train thru 8

countries and 14 cities in 24 days from Apr

8 fulfilling his tour promise to wife and son.


A Committed Brod, An Institution

Dan Galoso'65 on b'day-retirement gig

for Tats Vergara'67 - Granite Bay, Apr 29.

Jose Y. Lauchengco, Jr.

1936 - 2017 


The Glory That Was Greece (Part One)

Willie & Tess Vergara'67 explore Athens,

the old and the new - Acropolis Museum,

the Parthenon, Agora, National Garden,

the Parliament, Monastiraki street art, etc.


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