Betan Picture-an VI

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These pictures were sent by Eding Hizon from Las Vegas, NV.


San Francisco reunion with Bal & Bing Villanueva of Sydney, AU, June 2-3, 2017.






The 60's Diliman Betan gang, l-r: Bing & Bal Villanueva, Kay Smaby, Eding & Baba Hizon,

Ding Cavestany, Viching de Santos, Julie Cavestany and Rexie Enrico.



This picture was sent by Joel Paredes from RP.


Merienda at University Hotel Diliman with, l-r: Brod Ted Topacio, Founding Brods Greg Abreu and Ben Arcinas,

Brods Jay Jay Jayme, Robie Feliciano, GP Posh Diaz, Joel Paredes and Raffy Tomeldan on 6/12/ 2017.



These pictures were sent by Norman Bituin from West Covina, CA.




UP SoCal welcome party for Chax and Riza Baldoria plus Riza's UP Mass Comm. friends at Norman's home 6/02/2017.



This picture was sent by Nathan Bantoc of RP.



Good day brods!

Let us welcome and congratulate the newly elected officers of UP Beta Sigma Los Baños!

Grand Princep: David Carlo "Don" Balane '11b
1st Vice Grand Princep: Karlos Miguel Bautista '13a
2nd Vice Grand Princep: Giancarlo Ranel "Yanco" Criador '11b
Master of the Rolls: Felix Lazaro Jr. '16d
Guardian of the Coffers: Clint Batangantang '16c
Chamberlain: Bryan Rhazzel Conechado '16d
Guardian of the Chattels: Tyrone Balaguer '16c
Wielder of the Sword: Rainier "Abu" Ambrosio '12b
Herald: John Lambert Valenzuela '15b

Cheers to Beta Sigma!

**Left to right: Bryan, Rainier, Yanco, Lambert, GP Don, Felix, Karlos, Clint, Tyrone

Nathan Bantoc, 11-C Magna Carta
Outgoing Grand Princep



These pictures were sent by Noli Nolasco from Strathmore, AB

 and Norm Bituin from West Covina, CA.


UPBSI Pres. Noli and wife Te-c pose for a shot at Palm Springs Tramway atop San Jacinto Mountains.

Noli accompanies Te-c to her UPHS Class 1965 reunion in Palm Springs, 5/12-14, 2017... 


...and plays two rounds of golf with UP SoCal brods at Palm Springs and Morongo.

After a successful cataract surgery, Noli sees his way clearly to a birdie.


Cheers!! l-r: Noli Nolasco, Norm Bituin, Rolly Balingit, Roy Antonio and Art Martin.



These pictures were sent by Ed Rivera from Buena Park, CA.





UP SoCal with UPBSF Central Pres. Joel Paredes at Edsel Arceo's home in Los Angeles, CA, May 6, 2017.



This picture was sent by Dutch Aragones from San Francisco, CA.


UP North with UPBSF Central Pres. Joel Paredes at Gerry Abenes' home in Richmond, CA, Apr. 30, 2017.



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