Paintings by Brod Popoy Castaneda, UPLB'55



A pair of Pied Imperial pigeons or Balud Blanco, 24 x 34 inches, acrylic on canvas.

 Owned by BENCAB.


Writhed Hornbill, 30 x 38 inches, acrylic on 400 lbs. Watercolor paper.

 Jaime Zobel collection.


Luzon Hornbill, 32 x 40 inches, Acrylic on canvas.

Owned by the late Augusto ‘Junie”  Kalaw.





White Collared Kingfishers

  18 by 12 inches acrylic on 500 lbs. French water color paper


Flame Breasted Fruit Dove

      20 by 15 inches acrylic on canvasboard

This dove is endemic and found only in the northern part of the Sierra Madre mountains in Luzon.


Philippine Cockatoos at Patag Niyog

4 x 6 feet acrylic on canvas and belongs to Miguel Castaneda


Philippine Eagle

4x5 feet acrylic on canvas

     I painted this portrait of the Philippine Eagle hoping that Haribon Foundation would use it. During the Marcos regime an American

     company gave him several prints of the Philippine Eagle which then after martial law was given to the Haribon Foundation. The late

     Dr. Celso Roque asked me to paint the eagle’s portrait hoping that we can replace this painting with the print currently used by

     Haribon. A painting by a Pilipino, and maybe a better painting. But unfortunately he passed away before I could finish the work,

     and so I gave the painting to granddaughter Denise.





Grey-Headed Fish Eagle

Dimension and medium: 40x48 inches acrylic on 400 lbs. Arches watercolor paper



Night Heron

Dimension and medium: 18x22 inches on Canvasboard



White-Collared Kingfishers

Dimension and medium: 18x20 inches Acrylic on 400 lbs. Arches watercolor paper



Philippine Eagle clutching a Luzon Hornbill

Dimension and medium: 40x52 inches Acrylic on Canvas



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